Ann Maries Subs and Suds






    Wing Dings: Unbreaded or Breaded             

    Sauces include mild buffalo sauce, mild or spicy
    bar-b-que, ranch or chili-garlic and misc.
    hot sauces

    French Fries
    Chili Fries             
    Cheese Fries            

    Chili Cheese Fries      

    Mozzarella sticks      

    Fried Pickles           

    Onion Rings             
    Chicken Tender Snack-2 pieces                    

        White gravy available for dipping
    Nachos with Salsa
    Nachos with nacho cheese


with chili and cheese and side salad      
   Chicken Tenders 4 pieces w/chips and side salad  
Open Face Roast Beef or Turkey                   

Served on junior roll, side salad, with gravy

   Lasagna --served with side salad and garlic bread 

   Spaghetti with sauce- served with side salad and  
                         garlic  bread              

   Spaghetti and meatballs- served with side salad   
garlic bread             



Hot Subs--come with one side.      

Philly Style Chip Steak                  

   fried onions and choice of cheese


   fried onions and choice of cheese  


   Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island
on toasted sub roll or rye bread

Pastrami with spicy mustard                    

Bacon and Eggs                            

Ham and Eggs                              

Meatballs w/sauce- provolone and parmesan cheese             

Hot Italian Sausage fried peppers & onions
Hamburger optional fried onions                  

Cheeseburger choice of cheese optional fired onions  


Cold Submarine Sandwiches -- comes with one side
Sandwiches are made ‘All The Way’ which includes, raw onions, tomatoes, dill pickles, mild peppers, oil
Unless requested otherwise

Church Supreme
- roast beef, turkey, ham, provolone,

    Swiss and American cheeses                             
Roast Beef                                

Italian Cut--Hard Salami, ham and provolone        

Veggie-American, Swiss, provolone, lettuce, mushrooms, Cucumbers, raw onions, tomatoes, pickles     


The Following Cold Subs below come as described

Tuna Salad                                

Chicken Salad                             

Club Ham, bacon, turkey, American         

     cheese, lettuce, tomato mayo        
Turkey—toasted roll, choice of            

     cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo

American # 1—American cheese, bologna and ham   


American #2--American cheese, ham and hard salami     


American #3—American cheese, bologna,ham and hard salami        

Sandwiches - served on bun, white or rye bread, sub roll


1/3 lb Hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion

1/3 lb Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and onion 
Make the burgers a double       

Patty Melt, 2 patties with fried onion on rye, choice of cheese         

Coney Island Frank- comes with relish, ketchup, mustard, shredded cheese and onion   

Corn Dog                                            

Grilled Cheese                                      

Grilled Ham and Cheese                              

Hot Italian Sausage w/fried peppers and onions      

     on hot dog bun

Salads and Soups


Dinner salad                                        

    Add on to a sub                                 

Chef Salad                                          

Taco Salad                                          

Nacho Supreme                                       

Tuna Salad Plate--tuna on lettuce bed with tomatoes 

    pickle spears, and chips                   

Chicken Salad Plate—chicken salad on lettuce bed    

    with tomatoes, pickle spears, and chips

Tuna and Chicken Plate—tuna and chicken salad on a 

    bed of lettuce with tomatoes, pickle spears,

    and chips                    

Chili              Cup    Bowl    Lg Bowl 

Soup of the Day    Cup    Bowl    Lg Bowl 

Kids Meals w/chips, juice box  


Hot Dog                                              

Corn Dog                                             

Kids Hamburger                                       

Kids Cheeseburger                                    

Grilled Cheese                                       

Grilled Ham and Cheese                               

KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese-no chips                     

Kids Chicken Tenders                                 

Spaghetti and Meatballs                              





Root Beer Float



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